package strategies

This package contains the helper classes to define various options trading strategies, such as CoveredCalls, Butterfly, Condors, etc...

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Type Members

  1. trait AllStrategiesPositionT extends IronCondorPositionT with ButterflyPositionT with CalendarPositionT with CallPositionT with CollarPositionT with CoveredCallPositionT with MarriedPutPositionT with PutPositionT with RatioSpreadPositionT with StraddlePositionT with VerticalPositionT with StockPositionT

  2. final class AsStrategyT extends AnyRef

    Helper class to convert generic strategy to specifc strategy

  3. class ButterflyListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

    Butterfly Spreads, including Call Butterflies, Put Butterflies, Iron Butterflies, etc.

  4. trait ButterflyPositionT extends PosT

  5. class ButterflyT extends OrderFiltersT[ButterflyT]

    Define a butterfly spread.

  6. class CalendarListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  7. trait CalendarPositionT extends PosT

  8. class CalendarSpreadT extends OrderFiltersT[CalendarSpreadT]

  9. final class CallOption extends OrderFiltersT[CallOption]

  10. trait CallPositionT extends PosT

  11. trait CollarPositionT extends PosT

  12. final class CollarT extends OrderFiltersT[CollarT]

  13. class CondorListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  14. final class CoveredCallOrder extends OrderFiltersT[CoveredCallOrder]

  15. trait CoveredCallPositionT extends PosT

  16. class DiagonalListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  17. final class DiagonalSpreadT extends CalendarSpreadT

  18. final class IronButterflyT extends IronCondorT

  19. trait IronCondorPositionT extends PosT

  20. class IronCondorT extends OrderFiltersT[IronCondorT]

  21. final class MarriedPut extends OrderFiltersT[MarriedPut]

  22. trait MarriedPutPositionT extends PosT

  23. class OrderFilterScope2T[T] extends OrderFilterScopeT[T]

  24. class OrderFilterScope3T[T] extends OrderFilterScopeT[T]

  25. class OrderFilterScope4T[T] extends OrderFilterScopeT[T]

  26. class OrderFilterScopeT[T] extends AutoCompleteVisibility

    The methods in this class are used to specify the filter criteria for a specific order.

  27. abstract class OrderFiltersT[T] extends RankByTrait with SizeByTrait with AutoCompleteVisibility with Logging2

  28. final class PutOption extends OrderFiltersT[PutOption]

  29. trait PutPositionT extends PosT

  30. final class RankByFilterT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  31. trait RankByTrait extends AnyRef

  32. final class RankOrderT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  33. final class RatioSpreadListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  34. trait RatioSpreadPositionT extends PosT

  35. final class RatioSpreadT extends OrderFiltersT[RatioSpreadT]

  36. final class RollOptionOrder extends OrderFiltersT[RollOptionOrder]

  37. final class SingleStrategyListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  38. final class SizeByFilterT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  39. trait SizeByTrait extends AnyRef

  40. final class StockOnlyT extends OrderFiltersT[StockOnlyT]

  41. trait StockPositionT extends PosT

  42. final class StockStrategiesListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  43. trait StraddlePositionT extends PosT

  44. final class StraddleStrangleListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  45. class StraddleT extends OrderFiltersT[StraddleT]

  46. final class StrangleT extends StraddleT

  47. final class VerticalListT extends AutoCompleteVisibility

  48. trait VerticalPositionT extends PosT

  49. class VerticalSpreadT extends OrderFiltersT[VerticalSpreadT]

Value Members

  1. object ButterflyT

  2. object CalendarSpreadT

  3. object CallOption

  4. object CollarT

  5. object CoveredCallOrder

  6. object IronButterflyT

  7. object IronCondorT

  8. object MarriedPut

  9. object PutOption

  10. object RatioSpreadT

  11. object RollOptionOrder

  12. object StockOnlyT

  13. object StraddleT

  14. object StrangleT

  15. object VerticalSpreadT

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